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SIBAGRO presented a grain-deep-processing factory project at KEF 2021

16 Apr 2021 / 16:05

Within the Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum, Sibagro company presented the project of Biotech grain-deep-processing factory.  They plan to erect the factory in Sharypovsky district of Krasnoyarsk Region, a place with all adequate conditions for such a production, including the necessary energy capacity to provide the facility. Besides, due to the relatively mild climate, the district is considered one of the region's record holders in grain yield.

“The processing factory is important not only for our company but also for Krasnoyarsk Region. The plant will process 17% of the grain produced in the region, which will solve the problems of Krasnoyarsk crop enterprises with crop storage, transportation, and sale,” noted Anton Sokolov, deputy chairman of Sibargo Board for Project Management. “In addition, a large enterprise being a part of the production cycle is beneficial for the region, as it will create new workplaces, yield tax revenue, and manufacture a high-quality production.”

According to the company's management, the plant will process grain into gluten, feed yeast, lysine, and especially biodegradable plastic.  Today, the biodegradable polymer production helps to solve the global pollution problem by reducing the amount of plastic waste.

The new production facility will provide 500 workplaces and positively impact the agricultural business development in Krasnoyarsk Region.