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More than 8 thousand experts and guests at KEF 2021

16 Apr 2021 / 17:11

More than 8000 experts and guests from Russia and abroad joined the Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum on Economy and Pandemic: Russian Perspective, along with 7000 members of the online audience of the events broadcast on the forum's website. Sergey Vereshchagin, deputy chairman of the Government of Krasnoyarsk Region, presented these numbers during the press conference.

On 12-16 April, KEF hosted more than 100 online and offline events of the business, youth, and educational programs in Siberian Federal University in Krasnoyarsk and the KEF studios in Moscow, Berlin, and Singapore.

CEOs of Russian business, authority representatives, businessmen and researchers, young specialists from Russia’s regions discussed the agenda relevant for Russia and other countries. More than 400 leading Russian and international experts joined the discussions, 180 of them participated online.

Sergey Vereschagin, deputy chairman of the Government of Krasnoyarsk Region:  “Within the forum, the participants discussed the crisis fallouts overcoming in various areas, such as support of human capital, digitalization and new technologies introduction, renewable energy prospects, social and environmental responsibility in investment projects.  We have yet to analyze the results of the sessions and expert conclusions. Still, we can assume that, according to industry experts, the reorientation of production, management, and administrative processes towards increased social and environmental responsibility is a key tool for overcoming the crisis.  Human should be at the forefront of all transformations.”

Thanks to online technologies, the organizers could maintain the scale and reach of the event.  Representatives of more than 30 countries joined the forum, such as, Korea, Germany, China, Japan, India, Finland, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, the USA, South Africa, France, Indonesia, and Turkey.  More than 100 international participants attended offline and online sessions of the forum, most of them joined as experts of the business program. Among them were representatives of more than 40 international business and public organizations and companies, such as Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Korea-Russia Business Council, Japanese Business Club, the World Wildlife Fund, the Confederation of Indian Industry, Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, Russian-German Chamber of Commerce, New York University, and the Association of European Businesses. Nouriel Roubini, one of the most famous and respected economists of our time, was the guest star of the forum.

Sergey Ladyzhenko, general director of the Yenisey Siberia Development Corporation, emphasized that, during the year, they plan to continue discussions under the KEF banner at the key sites of Krasnoyarsk Region during the year and other regions.  “It is important for the forum to move from a one-time event concept to a concept of constant discussions on key development issues. By the end of the year, we plan to hold at least five events with the involvement of Russian experts,” said Sergey Ladyzhenko.

According to Evgeny Gavrilov, chairman of the Youth Government of Krasnoyarsk Region, the Generation-2030 youth program of the forum was productive.  During the two days of the forum, the participants presented several relevant project proposals in Digital Business, Digital Education, and Digital City.  We will make a resolution upon the results of the youth program and support the youth leaders in the implementation of their projects,” added Evgeny Gavrilov.

Within KEF 2021, more than 20 agreements with a total committed investment of more than 53.5 billion roubles were signed. Among them, an agreement on the development of gold extraction and processing infrastructure in Veduga gold deposit, an agreement on developing a tourist cluster on the Putorana plateau, and several agreements on roadside service, eco-hotels network, building materials manufacturing, and meat processing complexes.

Sergey Vereschagin:  “We can safely say that under the conditions of the existing restrictions, KEF is still an international platform for discussing the current global agenda. The Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum has once again demonstrated the effectiveness in solving economic development applied issues and attracting investments and new projects to the region.”