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Mikhail Zhukov, HeadHunter Group of Companies: remote work is a modern driver of career development

16 Apr 2021 / 15:17

The studio of the Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum in Singapore hosted an international session, titled Global staff hunger - in search of new competencies. How has the 2020 economic shock affected the global labor market?  Representatives of business and recruiting agencies from Russia and Singapore took part in the discussion of the personnel problem.

As the panelists noted, the coronavirus pandemic has brought problems to the work of companies related to maintaining a team and providing assistance to their employees. At the same time, it made it possible for people with the necessary competencies to expand the geography of employment.

According to Mikhail Zhukov, General Director of HeadHunter Group of Companies, remote work has increased the mobility of job seekers. People living in the regions got the opportunity to work in companies in the capital and abroad. At the same time, the outflow of migrants caused competition for local personnel among large companies.

“The survey showed that 23% of Russians are ready to completely switch to remote work, and 60% of those surveyed prefer a hybrid form of work. Today, most job seekers perceive the remote work format as a driver of career development”, explained Mikhail Zhukov.

Companies with a large team have had to rebuild their attitude to human capital and comply with the hiring trends dictated by the 2020 crisis.

“We have become more flexible in working with employees. This allowed us to create a large pool of applicants to select the best. Now we can enter the global market to find employees in the international pool”, said Eric Suzor, founder, CEO of Swivelt.

According to experts, another trend in the crisis generated by the coronavirus pandemic is investing in infrastructure and improving working conditions, as well as retraining employees to maintain a stable team of enterprises.

Tatyana Volkova, Director of Human Resources and Administrative Support of Polyus Krasnoyarsk JSC, told how the company she represents has changed due to the pandemic: “We have reshaped our investment activities to meet the growing demand for qualified personnel. The decline in migration flows in 2020 showed that it is necessary to look for alternative schemes for the search and training of qualified personnel in order to provide ourselves with employees built into the corporate system, capable of combining various competencies. We have created a unique educational product that allows us to train such specialists”.

According to experts, the efforts of business and the authorities allow not only to maintain employment of the population, but also to form a personnel reserve for the coming years, as well as to employ young specialists. And this gives hope for the future, says Alexander Svinin, Russia's trade representative in Singapore.